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Push the picture for a video( bron: howcast.com )


Girls between the ages of 14 and 26 years, height 172-184 cm, size 34-36
Curvy models, size 36 and above.

Boys between the ages of 14 and 37, height 183-193 cm, size 46, 48 or 50.

Become a Brad Model, but you have not the right size? This may be the exception, you will be placed in the Brad "people" if we choose you to join the agency.

Send it up to 6 photo's along with your mates and experience and send it to become@bradmodels.nl.

Pay attention! Photo's may only be JPG and no more than 2mb!

Not to much makeup / or nothing and everything as natural as possible. Or poloroids, white background in underwear and a face shot, total body shot, left, right, front and rear.

Do you hear nothing from us within 3 weeks? We are not interested.

It is useless to contact us to take this, our mind is made up. Also no contact via Facebook, Twitter or Istagram, we will not reply. If you are not chosen, it means not that you can't do any modeling. This means that you are not the right face at this point where we are looking for. so go above and try it at another agency.

Be you, Be Brad!

Push the picture for show

Closed November 2016 Brad Models in collaboration with Hebbes Casting Hilversum put down a great photoshoot day in Mijdrecht the Netherlands. Keep an eye on this site, probably in the spring of 2017 there are new days. Advantageous offer professional pictures by well-known and recognized photographers. Within an hour all 30 photos in your own mail, how cool is that!

Our Brad Models will get discount ofcours, because we naturally want the best for our own models.

Until 2017 our new photoshoot day!

Push the picture

Brad Models has been working with Mister International Nederland for 5 years now.
We are proud to be in the jury this year to fish the best men.
Keep an eye on our site and check out the M.I.N. facebook page on a regular basis.

The new castings will take place in January 2018, probably in Utrecht, central in the Netherlands.

Important that you are over 18, not married, and well in your shoes.

More then Beauty is ours, and you will show us that!

Are you Mister International Netherlands 2018?

We will see!

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Casting Agency in Hilversum

When casting agency specializing in the recruitment of (semi-) professional Models and Actors serving commercials, advertising photography, events, editorials, film and television at home and abroad.

Gotcha casting is since its foundation in 1987 has risen to one of the biggest casting agencies in the Netherlands.
With already a file of more than 31,000 unique people. Each day must new talent. Also thanks to the gotcha Casting Academy, which includes Harry Monastery, Arianda Schepens Rik Luijcx his permanent adviser.

Central to film, digital signage, corporate videos, events and television from 't Gooi and Randstad for Benelux; online, in print, everywhere you ... more talents Hebbescasting.nl

Gotcha has a physical office: in Hilversum Wisseloord Studios, in 't Gooi, near behind the Media Park.
Here work experienced bookers casting in the casting agency industry and we help one on one all clients with their booking for finding the right person, because with gotcha casting has quickly and well bite!

Look? Book!
You can also search using the above search engine as a customer, or you can leave the searching to the bookers. Through your own gotcha file can be found who have been found and who is available.

In our showreel you can see a some of our recent works. After all, you're as good as your last production.

accessibility gotcha Casting Agency
We are continuously accessible via info@hebbes.nl. Telephone Monday / Friday from 10 to 17:30. (In between, we sometimes pause).

Contracts instantly get each producer the mobile number of the person performing the booking.

Catering on location

Brads Catering is famous for the last minute catering on-site at movies and series in the Netherlands behind the scenes!
In a few days we will serve breakfast, lunch and buffet throughout the Netherlands.

How that determines yourself, stand up, extensive or luxurious it all can.
We also have staff, here is a separate invoice for.

So: Travel expenses, snacks - breakfast - lunch - dinner or 1 of these meals for crew, building and cleaning, and snacks or meals for figurants in one.
Contact us at catering@bradmodels.nl and ask what the possibilities are.

To fast on the set!

Brads Catering does also need private and private catering, a party and luxury snacks?
A buffet, or full breakfast for 20 men?

Let us know.
Brads Catering is located in Bussum, the heart of t'Gooi.


Dani Bradwolff
Dani Bradwolff

Owner Brad Models & Events

Irene Bradwolff - Crapuzzi
Irene Bradwolff - Crapuzzi
Irene Bradwolff - Crapuzzi
Backstage / Catering

Hoi ik ben Irene,
Niet alleen de vrouw van 😉 maar achter de schermen bij Brad Models & Events een belangrijk persoon!

Ricky & Adam
Ricky & Adam
Ricky & Adam
Scout - Styling coach - Catering

Ricky is onze scout - Styling coach en vaste hulp bij shoots op locatie
Adam is onze backstage boy, en doet daarbij veel catering

  • Complete Beauty Shoots
  • Lyron Jamil
  • U can do it
  • Richard Broekhuijzen
  • Spotlight Beauty Salon
  • MGB Netherlands Model Guiding
  • Miss Wellness Beauty Belgium 2014
  • Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam
  • Mister International Netherlands organisatie
  • Gooische Jordaan
  • Miss Avantgarde
  • Hebbes Casting

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